We have been working on a number of commissions and flexible gallery spaces with local businesses such as Baked in a Brick, Digbeth Dining Club, Electric Wedding Company, Town Hall and Symphony Hall and Zellig with installations of bespoke work from our creative community. 

DAM and Zellig have collaborated to develop Digbeth Art Space in Gibb Street, Digbeth as a unique public arts space for all art platforms to support the ever growing community of local creatives. 


Please email us at if you are interested in joining our community please and would like to discuss exhibition options.  

 Current Exhibitions: To Be Announced Post Lockdown 

 Past Exhibitions 

Dusty O - Dragged Back to my Roots - 30.11.18

That Bloke Wilson, Posh 01, Chunxx, Liskbot - Exhibit B - 30.01.19

Digbeth Art Space Collective -  Show and Vend - 08.03.19

Jowy Bean -  Oddmindus - 17.05.19

discern: a tomas rowell exhibition - 21.06.19

Tom Radciffe - The forgotten council estates - Photographic Exhibition - 19.07.19 

James Millichamp - Emma Bowater - Full Circle - 16.08.19 

Jowy Bean, Posh 01, Comicon - High Viz - 01.09.19 

Imogen Morris - Thread Bare - 27.09.19

Paul Burke, Peter Hadfield, Angela Raia - Dada - 08.10.19

Tim Thomsom - Untold - 04.11.19

Liskbot - Future Will be Ours - 08.12.19