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Digbeth Art Space #artforhunger

Digbeth Art Space Exhibition Date: TBA

Guidelines: open to absolutely everyone! 

1: Download this Digbeth Art Space #artforhunger Template.pdf  >>

2: Create your #artforhunger masterpiece on your downloaded #artforhunger template! You can either create a digital food tin or print, create, scan and email to us. You can do this by either taking a photo or using a scanner app via apple or android. 


Please note: we are welcoming all styles of art; whether that be painted, hand drawn, digital, embroidered, graffiti…. You get the picture you can do as you please.


3: Submit your completed #artforhunger masterpiece by UPLOADING HERE with contact details or email to Please provide your name, email address and save your work as a hi-rez J-peg [3Mb recommended]. 


4: Please support Cooperation Birmingham Mutual Aid Kitchen and help to raise awareness by donating HERE


5: After lockdown we will exhibit each submission for the #artforhunger exhibition at Digbeth Art Space. Until then, we'll be adding a selection of submitted masterpieces to the Digbeth Art Space #artforhunger Digital Gallery below.

Digbeth Art Space #artforhunger Digital Gallery

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