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Hello! I'm Meg!

I'm a Journalism student at BIMM Birmingham. I'm proudly working-class and LGBTQ+

As a painter, my main focus right now is improvisation. I'm too temperamental to plan and follow through on an artwork, and too poor a communicator to verbalize what goes on in my head, so I let my foremost thoughts and feelings dictate what my brush does.

It's very freeing, and since I discovered oils a few months ago I feel so refreshed and open-minded. I'm excited to share what I come up with!

The art I love comes in all shapes and sizes. I like the modern, the traditional, the romantic, the gothic, the dramatic, the simple. I like political art, art that celebrates the individual, art that celebrates different cultures and communities. I love seeing people's authentic voices shine through.

My art heroes are Grayson Perry, David Hockney, and Vincent Van Gogh.

You can find me on Instagram @ProzacPicasso

Meg McGowan

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