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DAM Exhibitors #1

We are delighted at DAM central to start to reveal our DAM exhibitors over the next couple of weeks. We will be bringing you regular blogs about our DAM Fam by letting you know what they do, why they do it with a few examples of their creations.

Fox Soup: Caitlin McGovern and Peri Man

First up are a very talented couple of young people who go by the names of Fox Soup. We started working with the Fox Soup folks back in early spring. Fox Soup is a creative collaboration between Caitlin McGovern and Peri Mani. It is primarily an illustrated/graphic design based retail business which focuses mainly on clothing, accessories and handmade goods.

Founded in 2016, Fox Soup strives to bring out new exciting products by regularly expanding their range. Not only do Fox Soup create incredible illustrations/graphics/prints/clothing, but they also put some really cool nights and events that integrate art, fashion and music. In fact, it just so happens that they have a cool event on the Friday 17th November straight after the DAM 2017 Art & Design launch night, and we think it would we rude not to do both. Check out selected works from Fox Soup at the DAM 2017 Art & Design Exhibition, with further pieces in the DAM Gallery Shop in Zellig.

Tim Thomson: Tim Thomson Art

Tim Thomson is a printmaker, designer and digital artist, particularly specialising in the mono print process using paper and inks. Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, Tim settled in Birmingham having completed a Degree in Fine Art at the University of Wolverhampton in 1998. Several years of working in the design industry has helped to create a unique style within his artwork, alongside many influences such as Pop Art, Comic Book Art, Japanese Woodcuts, Film Noir, Art Nouveau and Erotic Art.

Tim is currently building up a collection of photographs of people that he meets in the street, at events and round and about in Birmingham. These people strike a chord with Tim - perhaps a look, the way they dress, the things they are doing, the situation they are in. As Tim is taking part in regular art fairs he comes across a wide variety of people, either stopping at his stall or simply walking past, and many of the photographs will be taken there. Once Tim has collected enough photographs he will begin to create drawings of these people, and turn them in to large-scale monoprints, which he posts on his page. From this project Tim plans to build a collection of prints which he will exhibit at some stage in the future......

However, before this you will get the opportunity to see selected works from Tim at the DAM 2017 Art & Design Exhibition, with further work in the DAM Gallery Shop in Zellig.

Mono Prints from Tim Thomson.

Skull Mono Print from Tim Thomson
Back Mono Print From Tim Thomson

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