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Digbeth Arts Market Spring 2018

Hello People and All the Best for 2018! Firstly we would like to thank all of our DAM traders for their hard work on the 2017 DAM Markets and Exhibition. As a result of strong community collaboration and social media exposure we have set our selves up for a promising 2018! We would also like to welcome all of our new traders and exhibitors to the DAM FAM!

Here is an outline of our 2018 Spring Digbeth Arts Market programme, but please note this is only the beginning as we have new market and exhibition spaces coming soon......


Digbeth Arts Market at Longbridge Life, Birmingham B31 2TW

Saturday 10th March - 10.00am

Saturday 7th April - 10.00am

Saturday 5th May - 10.00am

Saturday 2nd June - 10.00am

We set up a few Mini DAM’s last year to test the water and it worked great for our traders and is a welcome addition to our nomadic West Midland market circuit. Our traders love Longbridge, which we saw grow at each date. We are sure that Longbridge will grow into one of our best venues for 2018.

Summer dates coming soon


Digbeth Arts Market at Coventry Cathedral, Priory St, Coventry CV1 5FB

Sunday 18th March from 10.00am

DAM loves Coventry Cathedral and have been running markets here for the past 2 years. Our market uses the stunning backdrop of the old cathedral ruin and is truly stunning location. Footfall is between 1k-2k with a real family vibe with live music, DJ’s, bouncy castles for the kids and incredible award winning street food. Due to Coventry winning the City of Culture we are setting up a number of new venues in Coventry, so watch out for these dates!

Digbeth Arts Market at Coventry 13K Run - Venue to be Announced

Sunday 18th March from 10.00am

We have been invited to set up a DAM Market, which is great news for us. Last year they had 13K attendees and 4K runners and the city was buzzing so why not. More Info to come. Limited stalls


Digbeth Arts Lunch Market, Friars Gate, Coventry, CV1 2GN

Wednesday 4th April - 10.00am

Wednesday 2nd May - 10.00am

We are starting these Lunch clubs with DDC in a number of venues. We know you will ask yourself what is a lunch market? Well, after loads of research, we’ve found out that this concept is really taking off. Basically these markets and lunch clubs are popping up all over London and other cities and they present opportunities for city workers to experience street food and creative markets. So we thought why not, as we have all the elements long-side DDC. So we are kicking these off in Coventry in a venue that as 17K footfall daily. DAM is going small on these for a while with 6 stalls and we would love to have some live art happening, so if your interested in going live, give us a shout.


Digbeth Live Arts Market at Lower Trinity Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B9 4AG

Saturday 14th April - 2.30pm

Saturday 19th May - 2.30pm

Saturday 16th June - 2.30pm

We will be doing something completely different at out spiritual home in Lower Trinity Street, Digbeth and we are completely buzzing about this one! We really want to establish a night market with traders who want to incorporate live art, which can be on paper, canvas, wood, digital or any other resource you can think of! We will provide you an indoor stall, table and an area where you can create live art! Your stall will be integrated into a seating areas with DJs inside the warehouse space. These events will look incredible and stalls will be quite limited due to the nature of the project, so don’t hang around if you want to get involved!


Digbeth Arts Market at Hare & Hounds, York Road, Kings Heath, B14 7JZ

Birmingham, B14 7JZ

Sunday 29th April - 10.00am

DAM have been present at the Hare & Hounds and DDC collaboration in York Rd for 2 years now.

As we enter our 3rd year we can guarantee that this successfully established community event will continue to build on the amazing Sunday Social vibes and atmosphere that people of all ages have come to expect. There will be 14-16 stalls on offer in York Road, KIngs Heath and please note that stalls sell out for this market in a matter of days. Summer dates coming soon!


Digbeth Arts Market at Malvern and Bruton Park, Warwick Road, Solihull, B91 3HA

Sunday 10th June - 10.00am

This venue is a new for DAM, but Digbeth Dining Club successfully established this location last summer. We look forward to taking DAM to this Solihull venue and they are excited about us being involved and have offered us a big area for up to 20-25 stalls, so this will become our biggest arts market in 2018! More dates coming your way.


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