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International Women's Day With Google Digital Garage

We were extremely honoured when Google's Digital Garage team in Birmingham asked our founder Kay Fisher (second from the right) to be a speaker at their #IamRemarkable evening to celebrate International Women's Day on the 8th March.

(Photo by Maria Dhanoa)

Simone Robinson and those ace Google trainers brought together seven remarkable and inspiring women to celebrate their outstanding stories and to help others achieve their goals with a workshop and panel discussion.

Other speakers included Pip Bradley from Pip's Hot Sauce, Sarah Crawley from social entreprise experts iSE, Patricia White from the charity Suited for Success, Lisa Stevens and Amita Dar from the DWP and Beth Foster a branding and video genius for Google. (Photo below by Simone Robinson)

Photo by

Kay took the chance to talk about how DAM started and why we are building an incredibly supportive community and environment to help our amazing artists and makers succeed in a tough environment. We do this by keeping our costs to the artists to a minimum and by providing free exhibition space with the generous help of the Zellig Building in Digbeth last November and December.

Kay also talked about our underdog status and the inspiration she takes from the book Show Your Work by Austin Kleon especially the phrase 'Be an amateur- today it is the amateur, the enthusiast who pursues work in the spirit of love regardless of the potential for fame that often has the potential over the professionals'. (Photo by Simone Robinson)

As you can see from the photo it was a brilliant evening with a lovely audience enthusiastic to hear about the journeys of these powerful, talented women to life-changing success.

You can catch an ace short video of the evening posted by the fantastic Google Trainer Grace Miranda Sutton here:

Don't forget to book on the many helpful courses run by the fantastic Google Digital Garage Team.

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