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Preview Night Dusty O 'Dragged Back to My Roots' Exhibition

Credit Marc Abe

An incredible preview night at our Digbeth Arts Space on Friday November 30th saw Digbeth get lit up in a riot of colour, vibrancy, style and personality as Dusty O's Dragged Back to My Roots exhibition sealed his triumphant return to Birmingham as an outstanding artist with a unique and colourful storytelling style.

300 wonderful people visited the launch party on the night adding flair and panache to an already pulsating celebratory art exhibition.

Digbeth Arts Space has never looked better! Seeing everyone wowed by the glorious colours of Dusty O's art in the flesh was a true highlight of the evening. Just imagine how good one of these outstanding pieces of art would look in your stylish home!

Both Dusty O and Digbeth Arts Space would like to give a special thank you to Davenport's Brewery and their Managing Director Wayne Davenport (pictured centre left below with Dusty O) for their incredible sponsorship and support of Dusty O's exhibition. They were joined by Katie McPhilimey (pictured right).

Credit: Katie McPhilimey

The event was lit up by the stunning costumes of these beautifully dressed guests including Twiggy.

Watch the video below to enjoy a taste of the amazing atmosphere on the night.

A proud moment for Mom as she enjoys seeing Dusty O's collection the talk of Birmingham and receive positive press across the UK.

25 years of spectacular stories are told through art in this collection. "My paintings are like vomit. They are my thoughts splattered on to a canvas. My approach may appear naive but my paintings are riddled with vice, lies, and hideous people doing unspeakable things".

These art stories from Dusty O's 25 years as the Queen of Soho include mesmerising themes of club culture, 80s pop stars, nightlife, drag queens, religion and icons.

Bright, bold, sexually charged, psychedelic and unapologetic this is not art that quietly blends into the background.

Take a tour of the vibrant world of Dusty O's art in this short video.

Sweet dreams or beautiful nightmares?

Look up when you visit us! The story of Dusty O's many faces and guises is told above you in a stunning series of images.

Welcome home Dusty O! Your return is a triumph!

You can now purchase all 41 pieces of Dusty O's art in a variety of sizes on the Digbeth Arts Space Shop The exhibition runs until Saturday December 15th in our Digbeth Arts Space at the Zellig Building.

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