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Digbeth Arts Market: First 2019 Dates

January is nearly behind us and the snow is holding off (or have we spoken to soon!). The DAM FAM have been working flat out to get our new arts space office/shop together in Digbeth Arts Space, Zellig, Gibb Street, Digbeth (next door to the Custard Factory). Digbeth Arts Market will now be permanently based in the arts space office, which will also be used as a shop on a periodic basis adding a new dimension to what we do.

The new arts space/shop will present a fantastic opportunity for our artist and maker community to promote and sell their work in the heart of Digbeth on a daily basis. We want our artist and maker community to know that Digbeth Arts Space is your space!. Here is our progress so far:

We are currently finalising our wider regional Digbeth Arts Market dates and will be announcing our spring dates shortly and we are super excited to announce our first 2019 our first seasonal concept; Show/Vend, which will run daily from March 8th - April 1st.

Show/Vend intends to provide an affordable platform for our artist and maker community to exhibit, display, market, promote and sell their work on a daily basis from our new permanent

home in Digbeth Arts Space. We will achieve this by incorporating a daily exhibition with artist and maker work available in the art space shop. We want to offer all artist and maker work available in the art space shop for the duration of the event. In addition to the exhibition we will provide weekend art space market trading opportunities using designer stall display units within the exhibition area. This will allow artists and makers to interact with people attending the exhibition, retailers and the local arts and business communities. Once again, arts space traders will have the option for their work to be available in the art space shop weekly.

Show/Vend will run for a consecutive 24 day period throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, which will give our local artist and maker community the opportunity to get involved throughout 2019. We plan to use the income from these events to raise the profile of our artist and maker community and provide platforms that will allow them to promote their work.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the spring, summer, autumn, winter 2019 Show/Vend events please complete this form. Please feel free to contact us for further info.

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