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'Full Circle'

Digbeth Art Space is delighted to host 'Full Circle', an exhibition by Emma Bowater and James Millichamp between Friday 16th August until Monday 2nd September. Here is a little bit of background about the artists and exhibition:

Emma Bowater is Head of Art at Wolverhampton Grammar School. She has exhibited in group shows in Aberystwyth, London, and most recently in Wolverhampton Art Gallery. Based on her own artistic and teaching practice, Emma wrote a research paper on the educational applications of the process of cyanotype for the Merchant Taylors' Company and continues to explore its properties as a means of photographic recording.

James Millichamp is an artist and educator, working from his own studio in Shropshire. He has exhibited across the region and has just completed a residency at the School of Art, University of Wolverhampton.

'Full Circle'

"We have always shared a fascination for the built environment, and particularly urban decay and dereliction. Over the past year we have been working together to exploit this theme through various processes, cross-pollinating and stimulating each other’s practice. Through painting, drawing, print and cyanotype we aim to capture the atmosphere of a space, alluding to the history lost through the process of decay. A disused building can act as a symbol for the temporaneous nature of mans’ achievements, or as a metaphor for emotional abandonment. Through the works, we seek to document the vacant and transient environments of architecture. Empty spaces, devoid of human life, freeze and reaffirm human existence. Detailing remaining relics of human presence, the images emphasise a sense of isolation and abandonment; echoing the emotional anxiety of absence."

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