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Untold: An Exhibition by Tim Thompson

If you have exhibited or visited us at Digbeth Art Space in Zellig, then the chances are you will have probably met/worked with/spoken to our gallery curation manager Tim Thompson. Those of you who have met or know Tim will be aware that he is an artist, printmaker and designer. Tim started a career path in design, gaining several graphic art qualifications, then attained a Degree in Fine Art from the University of Wolverhampton in 1998.

Moving to Birmingham in 2000. Tim worked as a graphic designer within several industries, and in his spare time ran an artist collective - organising art markets and curating exhibitions. Chronic illness stopped him from working and the collective had to take a back seat, but creating art was always his main focus.

Primarily an experimental printmaker, specialising in monotypes, monoprints, relief work and stencil art, Tim also branches out into paintings, drawings and digital work – drawing heavily on his years in design and commercial art. Using photography and found images, the initial ideas are often collaged together on a computer and then sketched - then taken in to print.

With the medium of printmaking particularly monotyping - is so chaotic, each piece is totally unique and special and no two artworks are the same. Tim attempts to push the boundaries of printmaking, often using traditional techniques but with new materials, experimenting with found substrates and mediums, constantly striving to see where the limits of printmaking will take the work.

Untold can be viewed from Saturday 23rd November thru early December at Digbeth Art Space. Zellig, Gibb Street, Digbeth.

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